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 Alex Lee

Alex Lee

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY              The service was well attended and included representatives of the British Legion, Parish Councillors, members of the Armed Forces, Cadet Forces and the uniformed organisations. 




Thank you to Alex Lee who taught us the basic steps in Merengue, Cha Cha and Salsa at the fund raising event in aid of Newchurch Parish church funds.  Tickets were sold out a week before the event and £537 was achieved through ticket sales and a raffle. Thank you also to everyone who bought a ticket and also to those who donated prizes for the raffle. It was a fantastic evening and feedback from people who attended has been excellent.


Jill Wheatley was ordained at Liverpool Cathedral on Sunday 25th June. Many of the parishioners from both Newchurch and Christ Church attended the lovely service to support Jill. Jill has taken up a Curacy at Holy Trinity Church, Warrington and we wish her every success and blessings.

Jill sends this message, 'Thank you very much to everyone who supported me at the Cathedral on 25th June. It was lovely to have you all there. Thank you too for all the cards and gifts. I was overwhelmed by the love, generosity and goodwill. May God bless you all.'

NEWCHURCH CHURCHYARD PROJECT                                        

In September 2016 Newchurch Parish Church set out to raise funds to install much needed drains in the churchyard and in just eight short months has raised almost £11,000 towards a target of £19,500. 

Donations have come mainly from the huge generosity of people in the local community.

Chris Jones, Rector at Newchurch said; “The way the community has got behind this project is amazing, demonstrating the graveyard is considered by many to be a very important community asset. It’s not only people who attend church services who value the churchyard but it is the whole community.  We have had donations from people living locally and even one which came from a former Culcheth resident now living in France!”

“The emails and messages of support have been astounding.  For example, following the internment of her husband’s ashes a parishioner turned to me and handed over £1000 cash in his memory.” Donations have come via the JustGiving Site along with kind messages of encouragement and other donors have just delivered their donations straight to the Rectory.”

“The Churchyard Project is the chosen charity for the annual Strawberry Tea to be held on Saturday, 29th July, at the home of local Councillors, Sue and Keith Bland, other support has come from local activities such as flower arranging; the money earned for a flower arranging demonstration has been donated.”

“The community’s support really is overwhelming – we’ve even had envelopes pushed through the Rectory letterbox with ‘Drainage Fund’ written on the front of the envelope, no names - some in excess of £500! It is heartwarming to experience this kind of support. I personally just want to thank all those who have been so generous in giving to this community project – thank you so much.”

All the monies donated so far have been boosted by donations from All Churches Trust Limited, Warrington Borough Councils Neighbourhood Fund, The Lions and The Rotary Club of Newton and District Jubilee.

As the church give a final push to raise the rest of the money needed to complete the project, they are actively seeking further funding from a number of organizations.

It is hoped that the work on the project will start in September, 2017. Our JustGiving site can be found at  You may also donate by sending a cheque to The Rectory, Jackson Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington WA3 4ED (cheques payable to Newchurch PCC Drainage Fund) or make a cash donation at Newchurch Parish Church or the Rectory, please mark clearly that your donation is for ‘The Drainage Fund’. 

The Standard of the Culcheth Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion being Laid Up in the Church, Sunday 14th May 2017.

Speech given to the Newchurch congregation by Nancy Halbert on behalf of the Culcheth Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion:

“The Royal British Legion Women’s Section first formed nationally in 1923, the Culcheth branch opening in 1954. Since then the women’s section has helped to support widows and orphans of serving and ex-service families in the community. Help was provided in a number of ways; including a weekly pension, providing school uniforms and support with university fees.

In addition the Women’s Section provided support and convalescing services for families in need after being in hospital. Over the years the Culcheth branch has raised thousands of pounds to support these causes and helped many families.

So today, Sunday, 14th May, 2017, we are here to find a final resting place for our Culcheth Standard in Newchurch Church, in memory and honour of the many women who have served in the Culcheth and District Branch.”

Following the closure of the Women’s Section, the women will continue their good work alongside the men at Culcheth British Legion.   Chris Jones, Rector of Newchurch Parish Church, as the current incumbent of the church, accepted charge of the standard.


Allchurches Trust Limited, the insurance owners of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group and Warrington Borough Council’s Neighbour Fund have both recently awarded Newchurch Churchyard Project £1000 each (totaling £2,000) towards the cost of installing the much needed drainage system.
Chris Jones, Rector, said; “Awards of this kind really boost our fundraising and together with donations from the local community we are now heading towards £5,000. I’m personally humbled by the way people are getting behind this project clearly demonstrating that the churchyard is something they really care about.

As local gardeners will know, the local soil is heavy clay and during prolonged or heavy rainfall the churchyard becomes waterlogged. Ground conditions often present major difficulties during burial services and during late autumn and winter months the Churchyard is often inaccessible to the many visitors who tend the graves of family and friends and to the wider community wishing to visit. Our group of volunteers spend many hours attending to the Churchyard keeping it tidy and well maintained, however, the waterlogged areas is a challenge well beyond them.”

To complete the drainage work we need £19.500, our JustGiving site can be found at  You may also donate by sending a cheque, made payable to Newchurch PCC drainage fund, to The Rectory, Jackson Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington WA3 4ED or make a cash donation at Newchurch Parish Church (please identify any donations as being towards the drainage fund).


In September 2016 Newchurch Parish Church launched the Churchyard Project to install a much needed drainage system in the churchyard.

Following the publication of an article in Culcheth Life the project has got off to a fantastic start with donations made on the JustGiving site raising £1,000.  

Chris Jones, Rector, said; “The momentum is gathering for this project and we are pleased with the reaction of those living in the village, they are clearly demonstrating it is something they care about and want to get involved in.  Whilst our group of volunteers spend many hours keeping the churchyard tidy and well maintained, the waterlogged area is a challenge beyond routine maintenance. We are thankful for the support of anyone interested in helping.”

To complete the drainage installation we need £19.500. Find out more in the article,                       In Search of Dry Land. Our JustGiving site can be found at You may also donate by sending a cheque to The Rectory, Jackson Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington     WA3 4ED (cheques payable to Newchurch PCC) or make a cash donation at Newchurch Parish Church.